Camper-Spot ist Camping! Campingplätze Stellplätze und Aktivitäten in Europa

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Why choose our app?

Discover Spots

Let's be a vivid community! Have you already found your perfect campground or would you like to share your campsite, we will always appreciate your contribution.

Gas Station and for your Camper Gas refuel

Gas stations and refueling your Gas Bottle options in your vicinity and what's more: saving you money aswell. Camper-Spot can do all that for you.

Public toilets

You want to spare your on-board? We'll find you public facilities.


Whether you want to go in for sports or for taking pictures, here you'll find it all in one app.

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Camper-Spot, explore Europe !

You want to explore Europe?

Then you don't want to miss Camper-Spot. With us you've got what it takes to get simpler, faster, and safer to the spot that's perfect for you.

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Camper-Spot for iOS Users

Go to App Store. Find, download, and install "Camper-Spot". And begin to discover great Campsites, Pitches and Activities perfect for your camping experience.

Camper-Spot for Android Users

Download our app from Google Play Store. And your Camper-Spot App is ready to run on your android device for your perfect camping experience. Discover Europe with us.

Always Up To Date

Whether you want all the information about your destination always available or whether you prefer planning everything before you get going: Camper-Spot will provide all you need as you ready yourself for your vacation and be your best buddy as you go. Whether you are camping in Germany or across Europe, Camper-Spot will always be by your side.

Your Places Next To You.

We fill you in on activities and places in your vicinity. With our intelligent location search tool you are always well-informed.

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